Chef Dad

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Chef Dad is a Phoenix area resident who moved to Arizona in 2000 from Chicago. He is an ex-firefighter/paramedic and businessman who started cooking as a rookie in the fire station many years ago. He runs an energy company during the week helping businesses buy their power in deregulated states then cooks for his family on the weekends.  He's a self taught cook and enjoys sharing recipes, tips & techniques with others who enjoy making food for their friends & family. Thanks for dropping by and we hope you enjoy your visit.

Chef Dad, Rob Yedor


I would like to invite you to register at this site by telling me your email address, first name and the town you live in.  By doing so, I'll be able to let you know about upcoming Chef Dad events, TV shows, Cookbook launch and Charity events.  Don't worry, I won't share your info with anyone.  In return, you'll have free access to my recipes, tips & techniques.  NOTE: To avoid hackers, we'll send you a confirmation email.  If you don't see that email within a few minutes, check your spam box.